Real Estate Professional Education

Not only are we industry professionals, we are also leading the way as industry educators. We provide a wide range of educational opportunities for REALTORS®, Appraisers, Lenders and Home Inspectors wanting to expand their green knowledge, help their clients in non-traditional ways never before imagined and differentiate themselves from the competition. We provide comprehensive green training leading to industry recognized credible certification. Such as the National Association of REALTORS® NAR Green designation, the Certified Green Real Estate Professional® (CG-REP®) designation; the most comprehensive green real estate training for REALTOR® anywhere and on-going green real estate training and development for member agents. For the very first time ever, we have pioneered a pilot program, now fully developed that offers NAR Green Designees a Graduate Level" mentoring program on how to incorporate green education into green business practices for real estate. Often times, we are able to offer scholarships for REALTORS® to obtain green certification through local utilities like our pioneering efforts in Southern California with Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas Company.

For those that decide, ”business as usual” no longer works for them and decide to do something to jump start their careers, or learn a career lasting way of helping clients in ways they never thought possible, the NAR Green Designation is for them. The time has come, when clients are beginning to ask questions about energy efficiency, sustainability and resiliency. Builders are building homes and renovating homes with smart, eco-friendly features that are green and more energy efficient. Realtors that don't keep up with technology and the growing number of millennials that are asking environmentally friendly tough questions, will be bypassed by their competition and loose their clients to those that can. We will help you to define yourself or your members in this space and develop a green business model unparalleled anywhere in the industry. We have trained at Brokerages and Associations, with great appeal to all that have taken the training. We can't wait to have the opportunity to help you, your agents or your members differentiate themselves from the competition and take their career to another level.


Deliver a Sanctuary, Get Clients for Life

John ShipmanJohn Shipman likely is best known for his work on a Walnut, Calif. house that he and his team at Energy Efficiency Management, Inc., transformed into an ultra-efficient property and that was the first home in America to be certified with a GreenPoint Rated Existing Home Elements Green Label. The property, listed on the MLS for only five days, sold for an 11 percent premium over market value. For more, see Shipman’s February 2013 Webinar.

Shipman’s list of designations and his expertise run for a full paragraph. He’s principal of Energy Efficiency Management, Inc., a REALTOR®, a HERS rater, and a Green Designation Trainer for the National Association of REALTORS® and California Association of REALTORS®. Read his full bio here.

Shipman, a 2014 EverGreen Award winner, taps his experience when teaching the three-days of GREEN Designation classes and shows real estate practitioners just how to use the green knowledge to transform both their businesses and the housing industry. Read More.