Claremont 3914 William Ave.,
Claremont, CA 91711

Price: $655,000
Property Status: Sold
Date of Listing: 3/07/2013



This 4 Bedroom/2.5 Bath completely remodeled Claremont Home has 2,048 square feet of green and energy efficient comfortable living space.  Many of you were able to attend the mid-construction open house.  Now come experience what a certified green labeled home is all about, after the wonderful things like an air sealed attic and densely packed blown in cellulose in the walls, for amazing comfort and valuable energy efficiency, have been tucked away, and have taken a back seat to the elegant and high end green finish work, that makes this completely remodeled American Green Home, Claremont the talk of the town!

The “American Green Home-Claremont, California” will be the first home in the nation to achieve the more prestigious “Whole House” Green Label for an existing single family home to be presented on CRMLS as a Certified green Labeled Home for Sale.  The Existing Home Whole House label is Build It Green’s more difficult Certified Green Label to obtain, due to the nature of its more stringent green requirements for certification; this home has attained that designation with 122 points. This home focused on a cost-effective green approach, which may be replicated throughout the State of California and the Nation.  American Green Home Real Estate and Energy Efficiency Management, Inc. believe this cost-effectiveness process holds the key to wide-spread replication and significant improvement in real estate value and increased sales, increased home performance and deep energy usage reductions for clients; lowering true home-ownership cost and helping local governments reach their climate action goals statewide.

Public Open House Scheduled Saturday and Sunday, March 9 and 10 from 10 AM to 4 PM.

John Shipman, of American Green Home Real Estate and Energy Efficiency Management, Inc. will be on hand from 10 AM to 4 PM (Saturday and Sunday, March 9-10) to lead guided tours through the home and answer questions about the latest American Green Home achievement.   This home is a shining example of how the average American Home-Seller or Home-Buyer can turn their dream home in their own “American Green Home”.

Energy Efficiency and Green Upgrades:
Comprehensive Energy Audit-Assessment                                              
HERS Whole House Report                      
HERS Verification
Whole House Combustion Safety Testing to Building Performance Institute Standards                      
Attic Insulation to R-50 and Buried Ducts                                             
Attic and Whole House Air Sealing
LED Lighting and Insulation-Contact and Air-Tight (ICAT) Recessed Can Lighting Upgrade Throughout               
Goodman Sealed Combustion 95% Efficient Heating System (FAU)
Goodman 16 SEER Air Conditioning Condenser (R-410A Refrigerant)
HVAC System Efficiency and Comfort Designed to ACCA Manual J,D and S Standards with HERS Whole House Testing/Verification of Refrigerant Charge and Static Pressures Performance Testing
Room-by-Room Air Flow Measurement Verification
Formaldehyde-Free GreenGuard Certified Hospital Grade R-8 Ductwork Throughout
Air Sealing Slab Foundation with Vapor Barrier and Air Sealing Top Plates and Penetrations in Attic                              
High Efficiency Takagi Tankless Water Heater                       
Panasonic Energy Star Rated Quiet Bath Fans                                          
Milguard Dual Pane High Efficiency Low-e Windows Throughout

Additional Green Upgrades:
Caesarstone Recycled Content Quartz Countertop
Wall flats Recycled 3-D 100% Pre-Consumer Tile Material
High Performance Shower Heads             
High Performance Bath Faucets
Dual Flush Water Saving Toilets                                               
Kenmore Energy Star Dishwasher                                             
Bamboo Rapidly Renewable Floors Throughout
PXL Green Certified Gross Linked Foam Cork Underlayment and 6 Mil Vapor Barrier Throughout                                    
Dunn-Edwards No Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) ENSO Interior Paint and Primer Throughout
Gardner-Gibson No VOC Smart Caulking Throughout
Soudal Green Gun Foam Throughout
Smart Controllers for Outside Irrigation
Permeable pavers
Recycle and Compost Station
Composting Center and Bin
Pest Inspection
Certified Green Label (Certified Whole House Single family Existing Home Green Label from Build It Green™)

Additional Elegant and General Home Upgrades:
Additional Permitted 214 Square Feet of Living Space
New Kitchen Remodel Including;
New kitchen Cabinetry
New Kitchen Countertops and Backsplash
New Kitchen Oven/Stove and Range-Hood Vented to Outside                           
New Bathroom Remodel Including;
New Bathroom Tile, Tub and Fixtures
New Bathroom Vanities and Quartz Caesarstone Countertops                                                                                               
Carbon Monoxide Meter
Smoke Detectors                        
New Garage Window                                                
Remodeled Fireplace and Hearth
Remodeled Slate Entryway
Remodeled and Upgrades Exterior Painting
Upgraded landscaping and Water saving Irrigation Plan


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LED lighting

LED lighting will reduce base load electric consumption, lower utility bills and help families save money reducing their true cost of home-ownership, while helping to reduce energy requirements on our power grid. This also reduces our need to increase coal generating power plants and lowers a community's carbon footprint.


No Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Paint (point to the painted wall); Like this Dunn-Edwards Enso No VOC paint improves indoor air quality for the occupants by not allowing harmful VOC's to accumulate into the built environment as homes become improved using tighter construction techniques this becomes even more important for healthier families.


Caulking around outside edges of the home construction assembly helps to reduce air infiltration and exfiltration. This air sealing of the home helps to increase energy efficiency, improve indoor air quality and maximize comfort. It is important to use a zero Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) caulking like Smart Caulk by Gardner-Gibson.

Palziv Underlayment

Underlayment on a floor is an important green consideration. This floor uses an Eco Cork Foam, which is cross linked to form a cork-foam vapor barrier that keeps out moisture, increases thermal floor capability and helps fights bacteria. It is cost effective and improves indoor air quality, conserves natural resources and keeps the built environment a more sustainable environment through reducing water vapor in any high performance home; it is both, a wonderful building science performance and green product.


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Low e windows

Low e windows reduce solar heat gain and take energy load off of the house. when installed properly they can reduce air infiltration and exfiltration resulting in increased energy savings and increased comfort.

Oven range Hood

Venting harmful gasses and volitile organic chemicals can reduce moisture and improve indoor air quality.

Recycled wall tile

Recycled wall tile like these wall flats made out of recycled cardboard help to preserve our natural resources, reduce our carbon footprint by not having to produce more materials, keep materials out of the landfill and are beautiful to look at and easy to work with.

Bamboo flooring

This helps to conserve natural resources because Bamboo is a rapidly renewable grass and using this product helps to preserve this natural resource for the species that depend on it and to preserve the environment for future generations to come.


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Shower Head

2.0 GPM Showerheads conserve one of our most vital resources; Water .

Dual Flush Toilet

conserve water.

Sink Faucets

Sink Faucets that are 1.5 GPM help reduce water expense and conserve this vital natural resource.

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Claremont Rating

What goes into a Certified green Label?  In order for a home to earn a distinguished certified green label, the home must address the house as an entire system.  You could not, for example, only install a photo- voltaic (solar) system on a home and call it a green home, let alone a certified green labeled home.  it would be like putting an Energy Star dishwasher in your home and saying you now have an Energy Star Certified Home.

For a home to earn a certified green label, you would need to consider the label itself.  It must be based both on credibility and accountability. 

Creditability; in that there must be some criteria associated with it that can be rated and documented, which is based on a set of recognized industry standards that are distinctive to the category they represent.  For example, a credible green label must address the major green areas, with minimum criteria satisfied in those green areas or categories. Those green categories vary slightly with credible organizations, but most can be categorized to look similar to the following: Energy Efficiency; Resource Conservation; Water Conservation; Indoor Air Quality and Community Considerations.

Accountability; in that there must be some quality assurance, enforced by an independent, unbiased third party organization, that has developed or adopted a set of quality assurance standards, which are met by the raters and verifiers of information pertaining to the features installed in a home leading to the certification or label.  Without this, the credibility is meaningless and consumers will not have confidence in the green label and the industry and interested parties will find no value in the issuing of the certification or label.

The Green Certification and Labels that are endorsed by American Green Home Real Estate, are highly credible labels, that have set the bar and helped create an industry standard with vigorous quality assurance that all consumers and interested parties can trust.

Certificate Claremont