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The Green Real Estate Walk Thru

"The Green Real Estate Walk Thru" is a video that was created by John Shipman, to be used as a tool by Real Estate Professionals, Home Owner's or even Home Buyer's, to see just how easy it is, to determine the level of green features a home may have, or may need to implement in order to qualify for a Certified Green Label. 

It has been shown, that by achieving a credible, Certified Green Label for a home, increases the value of the home for Home Owners selling their home and lowers the true cost of home ownership for Home Buyers in today's market.

So, come along with Mr. John Shipman from American Green Home Real Estate and let him show you how simple it can be to identify many green features that may be present in your home, or a home that you may plan on listing, selling or even buying!  American Green Home Real Estate can show you, just how easy earning a Certified Green Home Label can be.

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