Consulting Services

(Marketing and Local Government/Utilities)

Marketing: Real Estate Professionals can be provided a host of marketing options available to help green their business.  We offer proven techniques and programs that will serve to help you develop a credible green business and offer superior value driven methods to help your clients live a greener lifestyle, increase the value of their home while lowering their true cost of homeownership, help to differentiate you from your competition and increase your bottom line.

State/Local Governments, Utilities and Non-Profits: American Green Home Real Estate has created opportunities for state government programs like Energy Upgrade California (EUC), local governments and utilities to be involved in engaging the real estate industry in helping to achieve climate action goals outlined by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).  Additionally, we have consulted, trained and continue to consult and train for many credible non-profit organizations the focus on green and energy efficiency, such as; Build It Green (BIG), HERS-BPC, Inc., CalCERTS, Inc., and Efficiency First California (formerly The CBPCA).

Link to; Utility pages, local Gvts. We’ve worked with like Claremont-CHERP, Alameda-stop waste; the cpuc-utility goals/realtor funding, cec-ab 758-EEM’s/HERS and carb-ab 32.; state-EUC program; non-profits (BIG, CalCERTS, Efficiency First-CA).