About Us:

American Green Home Real Estate was created to transform the real estate market locally and nationwide.  We have created a new way of doing business; one that focuses on helping families and healing our environment.  We’re interested in positive messaging.  We believe it’s more productive and beneficial to deliver a message of hope, healing and positive inspiration to both our real estate profession and to our clients we serve.  We believe that through education, inspiration, ethics, team work and real results we will transform the marketplace and earn us customers for life.

We have five market transformation goals: Educate Real Estate Professionals about how they can increase their business through going green; help Real Estate Professionals transform their business into a credible green business; help homeowners lower their true cost of homeownership, live in a healthier, more comfortable home, through green upgrades to any home they choose; Increase real property value through cost-effective green upgrades and credible green certification; and finally, improve our economy through a multidisciplinary team approach using green principles and practices.

Our way of doing business will transform the marketplace as we know it.  We are helping our clients realize their true potential as home-buyers and home-sellers, while working to realize our own true potential.  Our Real Estate Professionals are driven by something other than how much commission they can make, or how many homes they can sell.  They’re driven, like the team members they associate with, by helping families live in a home they choose; more affordably, healthier and more comfortably and a commitment to improving our community and the environment.  They’re driven by a deep commitment to improving the lives of their client’s families and families that share our planet that they may never know.  Sure, we’re all about helping our client’s get what they’re looking for in any transaction, but that also means helping them to realize all of the complete benefits of being good stewards of the environment.  For us, words like environmental stewardship, going green and helping our clients create a high performance home, are not boutique buzzwords or a tag-line used as a slick gimmick, but words we live by and strive to promote.  We do this, not because it sounds good, but because it’s what we feel; it’s the right thing to do and it’s who we are at our core.  In short, we are helping families and our planet by “turning their American Dream into more affordable and green”.

By working with a strategic network of organizations and individuals and a wide range of real estate professionals From REALTORS® to Appraisers and their clients, local, state and national professional associations, local and state government agencies and utilities, we have created the most comprehensive real estate training, delivery and engagement mechanism ever achieved in California, for aligning the real estate industry with California’s climate action goals; some of the most vigorous climate action goals in the world.  Our goal is to continue to enrich California’s efforts to reach its climate action goals, enrich the lives of real estate professionals and their clients and to offer the rest of the nation an opportunity to improve the national housing stock and enrich local real estate communities by engaging the same sources regionally and nationally that have proven successful in California.

In addition to developing the most innovative and useful regionally based green real estate training, which is delivered through an easy to understand, interactive and engaging style, American Green Home Real Estate and Energy Efficiency Management, Inc. has developed a suite of applications that are plug-n-play for real estate professionals to be able to immediately green their business, realize increased business and become champions of their community. John Shipman is helping Brokers to put that into everyday practice too. John has joined forces with Coldwell Banker George Realty, as is their Director of Green Operations. He liked Broker Tom Crosby's commitment to sustainability and the passion of the organization and the level of sustainable thinking of the Realtors at this progressive company. He hopes to help Coldwell Banker George Realty continue to set the bar in the San Gabriel Valley. This time by helping them transform the industry and improving the quality of life of their clients with each transaction by utilizing Green.

Its founder, John Shipman is a nationally renowned Green Real Estate expert. He is a trainer for the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Green Designation, the creator of the Certified Green Real Estate Professional® (CG-REP®) designation, taught to real estate professionals throughout California. He has personally educated over 3,000 students in California including Realtors, Appraisers, Home Inspectors, Lenders, Green Builders, Contractors HERS Raters and Weatherization professionals. Recently John he has been working with Buil It Green to bring to Realtors all over California, the NAR Green Designation with a focus on specific programs and developments that benefit California Realtors. John was just awarded from the National Association of REALTORS Green Resources Council, this year's Evergreen Award for National Instructor of the Year for 2014, for his work teaching the Green Designation; Congratulations John!



John Shipman Mr. Shipman’s Biography

John Shipman is Principal of Energy Efficiency Management, Inc.; A REALTOR® and a National Association of REALTORS® and California Association of REALTORS® Green Designation Trainer. Energy Efficiency Management, Inc. is well known for its commitment and expertise, in Real Estate Industry education, training and business development consulting.  Additionally, John is a California HERS Building Performance Contractor (HERS-BPC); California General Building Contractor; BPI Certified Building Analyst and Envelope Professional and BPI Trainer-Proctor(BPI-Efficiency First, California-CBPCA); Program Coordinator and Instructor, for California State University, Long Beach, Continuing and Professional Education Department’s Green and Sustainable Building Certificate Program; A Creator of and Trainer for Build It Green’s and Energy Efficiency Management, Inc’s. Certified Green Real Estate Professional Program™ (CG-REP™), Trainer and GreenPoint Rater; Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) Trainer, CalCERTS, Inc.  John’s company is an approved Energy Upgrade California Contracting Company and Certified California HERS Rating and GreenPoint Rating Company.  John is a graduate of University of California, Los Angeles.