What is CHERP?

The Community Home Energy Retrofit Project (CHERP) is an integrated, community based, education initiative sponsored by The Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce, The Energy Network, and The City of Huntington Beach. The program energizes and empowers a community to take advantage of the full suite of offerings from all available energy and water efficiency programs, including rebates and financing opportunities.

CHERP provides communities with curated solutions to reduce energy use in buildings through energy efficiency retrofit measures and education. CHERP helps address the lack of education and awareness barriers that can impede our community from taking full advantage of the multiple cascading benefits of energy efficiency.

Who Makes Up CHERP in the Community?

CHERP involves a wide range of local community members in order to stimulate deep, community-wide engagement and education in achieving sustainability goals.

  • Core Group: 10-20 individuals in a city/community who work to share information and sustain the effort into the future
  • City Government Staff
  • Energy Upgrade California™ Home Upgrade Participating Contractors
  • Homeowners
  • Community Organizations
  • Youth from Local Colleges/Universities and High Schools
  • Retirement Communities and Home Owner Associations (HOAs)
  • Professional Energy Education Partners (PEEPs)
    • Mortgage Brokers
    • Manufacturers
    • Architects
    • Local Retailers
    • Real Estate Professionals
    • Financial Planners

What are the Benefits?

Results from the first CHERP pilot program include:

  • Average 28% modeled energy savings resulting in measurable reduction in Green House Gasses
  • Measurable increase in homeowner’s comfort and air quality with a decrease in noise and dust
  • Many financing options available to help retrofit buildings
  • Local jobs
  • Increased cash savings through energy efficiency help the local business community
  • Homeowners lower their true cost of homeownership through increased utility bill savings
  • Increased property values